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The ITA sends a coach education newsletter to all member coaches. Please let us know if you do not receive these newsletters released every three weeks, along with a new ITA College Tennis Coaches podcast episode.

Track your 2021-22 ITA Rulebook/Scorebook

The ITA Rulebook and Scorebook have been combined into one book this year. We mail copies out in batches monthly, so please check the tracking sheet for the most up-to-date tracking information. If you purchased a 2-Team Membership, the spreadsheet will list “MC2” by your program’s name and you will receive two books. If you…

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #40

Newsletter Contents ITA College Tennis Coaches Podcast “College Tennis & the Tennis EcoSystem” with Dave Fish & Steve Smith ITA Webinar Series A Coach’s Role in Managing Player Mental Health ITA Tech Talks: Learning How to Use the New ITA Tournament Desk Coach Masterclass: Chapter 23 – NIL Book Recommendations Contagious – Jonah Berger 2021 ITA…

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #39

Newsletter Contents ITA College Tennis Coaches Podcast “An Athletic Director’s Perspective” with Erica Perkins Jasper ITA Webinar Series SwingVision Demo: Real-Time Video, Analytics, and Streaming on Your Smartphone with Swupnil Sahai ITA Tech Talks: Learning How to Use the New ITA Tournament Desk Understanding NIL for Coaches & Student-Athletes Coach Masterclass: Chapter 22 – Running…

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #38

Boomer Saia of Iowa State joins the College Tennis Coaches Podcast to discuss his career path, a friendship with host Dave Mullins, and how he continues to excel as a college tennis coach. Boomer Saia (pronounced CY-uh) has orchestrated one of the best turnarounds in college tennis since arriving at Iowa State. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 21 – Developing a Relationship with your Sports Supervisor

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #37

Grant Chen has followed Emerson’s advice of “do not go where the path may lead but go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Grant started his college career on the UCLA club team before joining the UCLA tennis team staff as a student-manager. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 20 – Practice Planning

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #36

We discuss Lloyd Bruce-Burgess’ decision to step away from a successful career to join the college coaching ranks; how his years in management apply to his role as a college coach; and how he is dealing with having his career disrupted once again, this time through no fault of his own. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 19 – Coaching Philosophy with Giancarlo Lemmi and Elizabeth Robinson.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #35

Danielle McNamara shares why Yale was ultimately the best fit for her; how other coaches can think about where to take their talents and some ideas she has implemented at Yale to grow closer connections with her community (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 18 – Camps, Clinics & Community Hubs.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #34

From NAIA Player to Coaching at DII & DI with Anthony Pham (podcast), The Power of Great Sportsmanship with Dr. Tommy Valentini (podcast), Effective Communication Strategies w/ SA’s with Dr. Tiff Jones (webinar), ITA Town Hall with Dr. Tim Russell (webinar), Mechanical vs Stylistic Variances with Conrad Singh (webinar), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 17 – Managing & Recruiting Large Rosters.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #33

Don’t Set Limits On Yourself Or Your Program – Chris Young (podcast), Mechanical vs Stylistic Variances with Conrad Singh (webinar), WTN: An Introduce to the ITF’s new World Tennis Number (webinar), Ask Me Anything – Q & A with Matt Knoll (webinar), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 16 – Sportsmanship & Ethical Decision Making.