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Application Deadline - May 15th

Limited Number of Spots Available

Course Overview

CoachUp is a comprehensive and intensive seven-month virtual course developed specifically for college tennis coaches to educate and assist them in the fundamentals of coaching.  Open to ITA member coaches at all levels from all Divisions, the course will cover topics such as strategies for coaching Gen Z, self-mastery (understanding your coaching philosophy, values and purpose), recruiting, hiring and developing your staff, identifying and building relationships with your key stakeholders, community engagement, and much more.

Participants will learn from leading outside experts as well as some of the most successful, respected college tennis coaches in the country.  The course will be self-paced and require approximately 5 hours per month.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to develop your coaching knowledge and to network with and learn from other passionate and committed college tennis coaches.


Who is CoachUp for?

ITA member coaches from all Divisions and in all positions are eligible for the CoachUp course.   

How much does CoachUp cost?

The course fee is $55 per coach; however, the ITA does not want cost to be a barrier. If you have cost concerns please contact Danielle McNamara at

What is the format of CoachUp?

CoachUp is a blended course that combines synchronous and asynchronous work.  

The main content of each unit will be a combination of recorded videos from outside experts and current tennis coaches, as well as supplemental readings.  Coaches will work through all of the unit content and complete the required exercises at their own pace.  Each unit will culminate in a one-hour live Zoom session with the outside expert.  

Coaches can expect to spend approximately 5 hours/month on the course.

What are the expectations of participating coaches?
  • Attend live Zoom sessions. There will be approximately 1 per month from June-December.  Dates will be announced at the start of the course in June to minimize conflicts.
  • Watch all recorded content, read all required materials and submit exercises/activities prior to the live Zoom session at the end of each unit.
  • Be responsive to communications from the ITA staff on course information.
When does CoachUp begin?

The application deadline is May 15th.  Selections will be announced by May 22nd.  The course will begin June 1st.

Course Objectives & Outcomes

Coach Development

Develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of coaching that go well beyond the X's and O's of tennis. This course will provide coaches the knowledge and skills to build a successful, enduring program.

Personal Growth

Strengthen your self-awareness and gain a clearer understanding of what your values, motivations and purpose are so that you can become a more effective communicator, leader and coach.


Expand your coaching and personal network with this unique opportunity to learn from other college tennis coaches of all backgrounds, as well as leading experts in the collegiate athletics industry.

Learn From the Experts

Bo Hanson
Dr. Tiffany Jones
Dr. Tiff Jones
Mandy Green

Founder & Director of Athlete Assessments 

Owner & President of X-Factor Performance Consulting

President of Busy Coach, National Recruiting Coordinator at Tudor Collegiate Strategies

Dr. Gary Green
Dr. Gary Green
Dan Tudor

President & Founder of Recreation Consulting

President of Tudor Collegiate Strategies