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ITA College Coaches’ Drill Space

Video drills — ranging from strength and conditioning to serving

Drill Space

Welcome to the ITA College Coaches' Drill Space. This page has been created for college coaches to share their drills with one another. Please send your drill via to

You can either introduce the drill yourself with the name, details and variations or you can simply record the drill and email Dave with the name, details and variations. The goal is to have every college coach to submit one drill. Please watch the following video with Dave for more instructions.



ITA College Coaches' Drills Introduction

Warm-Up Drills

MiniTennis with Target
MiniTennis Bump
Slow Build to Full Speed
In Out Cross Courts
Volley to Volley Bump

Serve Drills

First Serve Set
10 & You're Done

Baseline Drills

5 Ball Directional Change
9 Balls & Go
Speed Singles
DTM Drill

Transition & Net Drills

Approach & Compete
Reflex Volleys
Ohio Drill

Doubles Drills

1 Cross 1 Line
Doubles Consequences
First Volley
Four Ball Doubles

Strength & Conditioning Drills

Fire in the Hole
Shadow Drill