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How do I add my team staff to the ITA Team Workspace?

Your ITA Team Workspace provides you with access to the coaches directory, competition tools, match results entry, team roster management, and other applications as they become available. In addition, once you add your team staff to your ITA Team Workspace, they will also gain access to this Coaches Resources knowledge base website.

Steps to add your team staff

  1. Go to the “Staff” area of your ITA Team Workspace.

  2. Click on the “Add Staff” button on the top right side of the webpage.
  3. Select “New Contact” for the Contact Type.
  4. Enter your staff member’s First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  5. Select your staff member’s Organizational Role and then the “Save” button.
    ITA Team Workspace organization roles
    The above are the available team staff organization roles. Please assign only one organizational role to each staff member. Those set to Head Coach and Assistant Coach roles will appear in the ITA Directory.

Your staff member will receive a system-generated email with an invitation to create their account to access your ITA Team Workspace. The ITA will also add staff members in your workspace to our email list to receive timely updates.

See also: How do I remove team staff members from my ITA Team Workspace?