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    Bruce Waschuk
    The ITA has been working with the developers of the iOnCourt app. This program works on any web browser and can also be downloaded for use on Apple (iOS) and Android phones. The app helps coaches track live matches, share results with family and friends in real-time, and help keep track of match statistics.

    You can get instructions on how to use the app here:


    Please post a reply if you have any questions or feedback.

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    Bruce Waschuk
    Thank you to the 10+ coaches who helped us test iOnCourt. Here’s a few examples of their work:


    As a coach who tested iOnCourt I will attest to its ease of use.  In Bruce’s example of Army and Navy, I was able to keep track of live scoring all while still coaching in one of the toughest rivalry matches in college tennis.  This app is a great tool for anyone looking to add live scoring to their arsenal of tools.

    Additionally the app also has great stat tracking.  You can get into point by point tracking and have stats to show your players in real time.  I have used this during our practices to chart a few matches and the insights into trends and point play are great to help give a coach the data to go along with is insights.

    To any coach looking for a charting or live scoring solution the iOnCourt app is the best of both worlds!


    David Mullins
    Thank you John for all your efforts and feedback to Bruce and Nikola. Congrats on the league title yesterday!


    Bruce Waschuk

    • > iOnCourt version 1.7.81 is now available, directly connecting with CourtHive/TMX tournament management software to provide live scores for all matches.
    • > iOnCourt was in action at the 2021 Patriot League Men’s Tennis Championship matches, Texas state high school playoffs, and the Next Gen Tennis League. Read more.
    • > iOnCourt Start-up Steps
    Bruce Waschuk
    iOnCourt Release 1.8.16 is available in the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

    ✅ Enhanced managing of trackers for tournament live scoring
    ✅ Bug fixes for team matches
    ✅ Fixed tracking options for additional trackers

    If you haven’t begun using iOnCourt to track and share live scores and stats, you can learn how here: iOnCourt Start-up Steps.

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