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iOnCourt now reports scores to ITA Team Workspace

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    Bruce Waschuk
    The iOnCourt live score app can now report dual match scores to the ITA Team Workspace.

    iOnCourt version 1.11.1, or later, is required. Plus, iOnCourt sign-in with ITA Team Workspace credentials is necessary to download players from current team rosters. Check the iOnCourt page for start-up sets and how-to live score instructions.

    Steps to report results:

    1. Click on the iOnCourt “More” option
    2. Select “Send lineups to ITA”
    3. Select “Submit score to ITA.”

    All submitted dual match lineups to an ITA match scorecard require your verification on the ITA Team Workspace.


    Submit score to ITA

    Score validation

    Submit scores

    Score submission

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