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Coach Masterclass

The ITA Coach Masterclass is a hub for all college coach education material.

The ITA & Coach Governance

Masterclass Chapter 1: Tim Russell, the CEO of the ITA, explains the functions of the ITA, how it is governed by our member coaches, and the benefits coaches receive through their ITA membership.

Coaching Roles & Transitions

Masterclass Chapter 2: Colleges coaches will face several transitions and play different roles throughout the course of their college coaching career.


Masterclass Chapter 3: Many new coaches are unaware that one of the primary roles of a collegiate head tennis coach is fundraising. This can be a daunting task for new coaches with no clear understanding of how to get started in this world.

Marketing & Community Engagement

Masterclass Chapter 4: Many of the most successful college coaches understand the vast benefits their programs receive from prioritzing the marketing of their program. Even those coaches with access to a marketing department and a sports information director spend a significant portion of their time marketing and engaging with their community.


Masterclass Chapter 5: Many coaches will say that recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. Your teams can only be as good as the players you recruit. The art of recruiting is not just about finding the most talented players, it is also finding the best fit for you as a coach and the culture of your program.

Building a College Tennis Venue

Masterclass Chapter 6: Having a nice college tennis venue obviously helps with recruiting, the student-athlete experience, the fan experience, and the ability to generate revenue from lessons and camps. However, figuring out how to upgrade a facility or build one from scratch can seem like a daunting task.


Masterclass Chapter 7: Budgeting is another area that a lot of college coaches don’t think about when entering the college coaching profession, but it is something coaches should be prioritizing throughout the year. Budgeting should not just happen once a year when you are requested to do so by your administration.

Team Culture

Masterclass Chapter 8: Every team will experience good years and bad years. Regardless of the results, the experience of all involved will be determined by the culture of the team. Establishing a culture and maintaining a culture is one of the key responsibilities of any leader.

Player Development

Masterclass Chapter 9: There are not many better feelings as a coach than to see student-athletes reach their true potential as a tennis player. The development process rarely goes in a straight line and it can be fraught with missteps.

Strength & Conditioning

Masterclass Chapter 10: We all know that strength and conditioning is an important component of any athlete’s life. It’s necessary to even out muscle imbalances, support muscles, stabilize joints, improve heart and lung functioning plus a myriad of other scientifically proven benefits.