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Strength & Conditioning

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Chapter 10: Strength & Conditioning

We all know that strength and conditioning are an important component of any athlete’s life. It’s necessary to even out muscle imbalances, support muscles, stabilize joints, improve heart and lung functioning, plus a myriad of other scientifically proven benefits. However, the challenge for college tennis coaches is knowing when to emphasize what, how much to rely on the S & C coach, how to develop a basic understanding of S & C best practices, and how to recognize when the S & C programming is not working for the goals of the coach and team.

Strength & Conditioning with Kevin Epley

Kevin Epley, the head women’s coach at the University of South Carolina, has a deep interest and passion for everything related to player development. He knows just how important a robust and well-organized strength & conditioning plan is when it comes to developing college tennis players. Kevin lends a coach’s perspective on these matters.

Strength & Conditioning with Matt Kuzdub

Matt Kuzdub, of Mattspoint Tennis, is a former tennis player and expert on strength & conditioning for tennis players. He works with future and current college players as well as professional tennis players. Matt writes an outstanding blog on everything related to strength and conditioning for tennis players that you can find at

Strength & Conditioning with Satoshi Ochi

Satoshi Ochi is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the USTA and is based at the USTA National Training Center Headquarters in Orlando, Fla. Satoshi oversees and manages Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Training staffs and programs for the USTA Player Development Training Centers, and has worked with many of the top US players during his time at the USTA.

August 2, 2021