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Sports Psychology & Mental Performance

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Chapter 11: Sports Psychology & Mental Performance

Although most coaches agree about the importance of mental skill training, they are not always comfortable implementing a systematic training plan similar to their strength & conditioning or practice regime. The progress made in this area can be difficult to track and therefore manage, so many coaches will only touch upon it from time to time or give up when they don’t see progress. Dr. Tiff Jones and Dr. Larry Lauer provide some guidance on how to implement a consistent mental training practice into your weekly schedule plus many other great insights about mental performance and sports psychology.

Sports Psychology & Mental Performance with Dr. Tiff Jones

Dr. Tiff Jones has been a certified Mental Performance Consultant for over 18 years. Tiff consults with Olympic, National, Professional, Collegiate athletes, teams, and coaches across many different sports. She created a Virtual Elite Mental Performance training series for college student-athletes and coaches. You can learn more about Tiff at

Sports Psychology & Mental Performance with Dr. Larry Lauer

Dr. Larry Lauer is a mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development. Larry has been working with elite tennis players from juniors, college and pros for many years. He also has experience on the college tennis side of things — acting as an assistant coach and mental coach for Michigan State men’s tennis for several years. Before joining the USTA, Larry was the Director of Coaching Education and Development at the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports.

January 9, 2022