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Mental Health

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Chapter 12: Mental Health

Mental health is now being discussed in a more open and accepting way in recent years. Athletes at all levels are willing to open up about some of their struggles and the ways in which they have addressed some of their mental health issues. However, the mental health of college coaches is often overlooked and not discussed. In this chapter, we provide two videos that address both the mental health of the coach and of the student-athlete.

Coach Mental Health with Dr. Larry Lauer

Dr. Larry Lauer is a mental skills specialist for USTA Player Development. Larry has been working with elite tennis players from juniors, college, and pros for many years. He also has experience on the college tennis side of things, acting as an assistant coach and mental coach for Michigan State men’s tennis for several years. Before joining the USTA Larry was the Director of Coaching Education and Development at the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports.

Student-Athlete Mental Health with Emily Kroshus

Emily Kroshus is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health and the NCAA Sport Science Institute. She received her doctoral degree from Harvard School of Public Health in the department of social and behavioral sciences, with a concentration in health communication. As an undergraduate at Princeton, Kroshus was a three-time NCAA Division I All-American in cross country and track and field.