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Broadcasting & Live Streaming

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Chapter 15: Broadcasting & Live Streaming

As the costs for traditional media continue to rise, the tools to showcase your matches through streaming are becoming more accessible and affordable with each passing year. ESPN, Tennis Channel, and Fox Sports are out of reach for 99% of college teams at this time, but streaming services, live scoring, and social media platforms are within grasp for many tennis programs. The resources provided in this chapter might get you thinking about how you can take some first steps to showcase your matches to a broader audience. Maybe it is starting with one camera on one court streaming over Facebook Live or using the new iOnCourt App for your live scoring purposes. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. The following videos and toolkit (provided in the resources) provide you with some tips and resources if you are interested in offering some of these services to your fans.

Live Streaming with Chad Camper & Chuck Merzbacher

The men’s and women’s coaches at UT Chattanooga, Chuck Merzbacher and Chad Camper take you through their experiences using ESPN+ for their 2020 Fall Invitational Event, proving that this type of service is not just reserved for the most elite programs with the largest budgets. Chuck and Chad are more than happy to help you navigate this process if you are interested.

Live Streaming with Alex Gruskin

Many of you will have seen the great coverage Cracked Racquets has provided college tennis these last few years. Alex Grushkin, from the CR team, provides some insights as to what makes for an engaging broadcast and the benefits of finding some way to showcase your matches to a larger audience. If you are interested in being a part of the Cracked Racquets Redzone coverage, you can email Dalton, You can check out a preview of their Redzone Coverage HERE.

September 8, 2021