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Practice Planning

Coach Masterclass

Chapter 20: Practice Planning

What is your process for planning your practices? How do you evaluate the quality of your practice planning and execution? How do you adapt when you only have a limited number of courts with a lot of players? What rules or routines do you include in your practices?

These are just some of the questions we pose to Lois Arterberry, Kyle Spencer and Alison Ojeda.

Practice Planning with Alison Ojeda

Alison Ojeda has learned from some of the best coaches in the business on the women’s side of Division I tennis as an assistant coach/associate head coach at Texas A&M, Baylor, and Tennessee. She also spent five years as the head women’s coach at the University of Middle Tennessee from 2005-2010. She is now leading the program at the University of Tennessee where she is applying all the lessons she has learned as an assistant coach and head coach to great success.

Practice Planning with Lois Arterberry

Lois Arterberry began her head coaching career managing both the men’s and women’s programs at Jackson State (Miss.) all by herself. She led the men’s team to back-to-back appearances in the NCAA tournament and its first conference title in 18 years (2016). Since then, she has served as the head coach at Eastern Illinois, the assistant coach at North Carolina Asheville, and the assistant coach at the University of Missouri. Lois has been selected to join the 2021-22 ITA USTA Mentorship Program.

Practice Planning with Kyle Spencer

Kyle Spencer won seven professional titles on the ATP Tour and represented Great Britain in doubles at the 2000 Olympic Games. He also coached a number of top 100 ATP players, served as an assistant coach at USC, Baylor and SMU and as head coach at the University of Maryland. Needless to say, Kyle understands the importance of planning a productive practice from both a high level player’s and coach’s perspective. He has led the men’s tennis program at NC State since 2017 and continues to find ways to improve his practice time with his players.

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September 2, 2021