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Marketing & Community Engagement

Coach Masterclass

Chapter 4: Marketing & Community Engagement

Many of the most successful college coaches understand the vast benefits their programs receive from prioritizing the marketing of their programs. Even those coaches with access to a marketing department and a sports information director spend a significant portion of their time marketing and engaging with their community. As we enter a new phase of intercollegiate athletics it will be of the utmost importance that coaches consistently promote their programs to stakeholders within their athletic department, university, community, and the greater tennis community. You must always be able to demonstrate the relevance and impact of the teams you coach.

Community Engagement with Greg Patton

Everyone in the college tennis coaching world knows the energy, enthusiasm and spirit that Greg Patton, former head men’s coach at Boise State, brings to every situation. He was not just successful in recruiting and developing great teams, but he is also well known for turning Boise into a tennis town and getting the community and athletic department to care deeply about Boise State tennis and college tennis.

Community Engagement with Lisa Hart

Lisa Hart, the head coach for the women’s team at Washington State, has been selected as an ITA community outreach regional winner many times. In 2008, Lisa was named the national winner of the USTA/ITA Community Outreach Award.

Community Engagement with Evan Isaacs

Evan Isaacs has turned Columbus State from one of the weakest teams in Division II tennis to one of the most dominant teams in recent years. Throughout his tenure, he has understood the importance of community engagement and made it a pillar of his programs.

Fan Attendance with Chris Young

One way that coaches can demonstrate the relevance of their program is through fan attendance at their home matches. Chris Young, the Director of Tennis at Oklahoma State University, has made Stillwater a very difficult venue for visiting teams to play due to his commitment to creating a great matchday experience for his student-athletes.

Social Media with Christophe Noblet

Social Media has changed the ways in which coaches recruit and market their programs. Whether coaches like it or not these tools are here to stay. The head men’s tennis coach at Stetson, Christophe Noblet, has embraced these tools and made them an integral part of his program.