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Building a College Tennis Venue

Coach Masterclass

Chapter 6: Building a College Tennis Venue

Having a nice college tennis venue obviously helps with recruiting, the student-athlete experience, the fan experience, and the ability to generate revenue from lessons and camps. However, figuring out how to upgrade a facility or build one from scratch can seem like a daunting task. Athletic Directors will often prioritize other facility projects so it is up to the coach to generate interest in such an undertaking. In order to help college coaches start this venue-building process, the USTA has set up a program run by Lauren Parr ( Please watch the webinar below by Virgil Christian to learn more.

Building a College Tennis Venue with Chris Young

Chris Young, the Director of Tennis at Oklahoma State University, went from having one of the worst outdoor tennis facilities in the country and no indoor facility to one of the nicest indoor and outdoor college tennis venues in all of college tennis. Chris shares some lessons from this process and provides some advice to coaches regardless of the size or stature of the university at which they currently coach.

August 2, 2021