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Team Culture

Coach Masterclass

Chapter 8: Team Culture

“Are you willing to take responsibility for your team’s culture or do you treat it like the weather – something that happens to you?” — J. Spool

Every team will experience good years and bad years. Regardless of the results, the experience of all involved will be determined by the culture of the team. Establishing a culture and maintaining a culture is one of the key responsibilities of any leader. College coaches must be clear as to the type of culture they want to promote and then come up with systems as to how to monitor the health of their team culture.

Team Culture with Amy Bryant

Amy Bryant has created a culture at Emory which has led to six NCAA Division III women’s team titles and is a member of the Emory Hall of Fame. She has led her teams to over 400 victories while promoting a culture of high integrity and sportsmanship.

Team Culture with Jenny Mainz

Jenny Mainz is the longest tenured coach at the University of Alabama, entering her 24th year with the university. She was named the ITA Women’s Division I National Coach of the Year in 2013 and has been voted SEC coach of the year three separate times.

Team Culture with Brett Masi

Brett Masi is currently the head men’s coach at the University of Southern California, but has led teams and built cultures at the University of San Diego (2010 – 2015) and Texas Tech University (2016 – 2019).

January 9, 2022