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The ITA sends a coach education newsletter to all member coaches. Please let us know if you do not receive these newsletters that are released every three weeks along with a new ITA College Tennis Coaches podcast episode.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #38

Boomer Saia of Iowa State joins the College Tennis Coaches Podcast to discuss his career path, a friendship with host Dave Mullins, and how he continues to excel as a college tennis coach. Boomer Saia (pronounced CY-uh) has orchestrated one of the best turnarounds in college tennis since arriving at Iowa State. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 21 – Developing a Relationship with your Sports Supervisor

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #37

Grant Chen has followed Emerson’s advice of “do not go where the path may lead but go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Grant started his college career on the UCLA club team before joining the UCLA tennis team staff as a student-manager. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 20 – Practice Planning

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #36

We discuss Lloyd Bruce-Burgess’ decision to step away from a successful career to join the college coaching ranks; how his years in management apply to his role as a college coach; and how he is dealing with having his career disrupted once again, this time through no fault of his own. (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 19 – Coaching Philosophy with Giancarlo Lemmi and Elizabeth Robinson.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #35

Danielle McNamara shares why Yale was ultimately the best fit for her; how other coaches can think about where to take their talents and some ideas she has implemented at Yale to grow closer connections with her community (podcast), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 18 – Camps, Clinics & Community Hubs.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #34

From NAIA Player to Coaching at DII & DI with Anthony Pham (podcast), The Power of Great Sportsmanship with Dr. Tommy Valentini (podcast), Effective Communication Strategies w/ SA’s with Dr. Tiff Jones (webinar), ITA Town Hall with Dr. Tim Russell (webinar), Mechanical vs Stylistic Variances with Conrad Singh (webinar), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 17 – Managing & Recruiting Large Rosters.

ITA Coach Education Newsletter #33

Don’t Set Limits On Yourself Or Your Program – Chris Young (podcast), Mechanical vs Stylistic Variances with Conrad Singh (webinar), WTN: An Introduce to the ITF’s new World Tennis Number (webinar), Ask Me Anything – Q & A with Matt Knoll (webinar), Coach Masterclass: Chapter 16 – Sportsmanship & Ethical Decision Making.