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Track and share live scores and stats

Live Score & Match Stats

The iOnCourt app helps coaches track live matches, share results in real-time, and track match statistics.

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iOnCourt Start-up Steps

Create your account & download app
  1. Sign up for a free iOnCourt account at
  2. Download the iOS app on App Store or the Android app on Google Play.

An iOnCourt account or downloaded app is not required for those that wish to follow live scores on their web browser.

Create a team

  1. Open the iOnCourt app and click on the “Team” tab and locate the “Add” button in the lower right corner of your screen.
    iOncCurt add a team
  2. A new screen will open automatically, and you will be able to enter the name of your team, a one or two character team abbreviation, color, and type of team. Then click Create to add your team to the My Teams list on your app.
Add rosters & lineups

  1. To add players, select the top-right menu icon, then My players to add your team’s players.
  2. To create your lineup, select Lineups and click on the Add lineup link.
    iOnCourt add lineup
  3. Select a template to use the appropriate college or high school dual match lineup configuration.
  4. Click on the + symbol to add players to your doubles and singles lineup positions.
    iOnCourt add players
  5. The lineup order can be changed by selecting the icon to the left of a player’s name, then drag and drop the player to the desired lineup location.
Create a team match

  1. To set up a team match, select the circular blue + button at the lower right of the Team matches display.
  2. Add the start date and time, home and away teams, and a lineup template. The home and away teams can be left blank, as shown in the above video.
    iOnCourt team opponent
  3. To invite an opponent, tap the Invite button and enter the opponent’s phone number that is associated with an iOnCourt account.
  4. Select the invited team, which can be done by the owner of the match or the invited team.
  5. Apply the lineup from the team match details menu (top right) by selecting the Apply lineup option.
  6. Changes to the lineup can be made and updated once you go to the team details menu and select the Apply lineup option again.
Assign team match tracker(s)

Once you’ve decided on the person you want to appoint as a Tracker, you will need to send an invite to that person. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the “Change Tracker” option, found in the “More Options” menu.
  2. The Tracker will receive a push notification, and the team match will appear in the list of their matches. After the Tracker accepts the invitation, they will receive permissions to add individual matches and start tracking the match you want them to track.

With iOnCourt, you can assign a different tracker for each match, which can be especially useful if you want to have detailed stats (point by point and advanced stats) or if you want to assign a referee in the chair to track the match.

Future: Reporting match results to the ITA

The ITA is planning to integrate iOnCourt with our new system that replaces R2 Sports.

The ITA Team Workspace is where coaches will manage their team roster. Plans are for the iOnCourt app to import player rosters from the ITA Team Workspace and then return final match results to the ITA match score entry system.

Stay tuned for integration updates later in 2021.