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Programming module

Allow players to register for clinics, lessons, social events, camps, and more

Programming module

Allow players to register for clinics, lessons, social events, camps, and more with this powerful module.

Accept payment online
Give customers the convenience of online payment while still having the ability to add/remove players manually or allow them to register at no charge.

Take Attendance
The mobile-friendly design allows for quickly marking attendance even while on the court. This provides the bookkeeping for Series or Package purchases.

Stay in touch
Easily create emails to send to those registered for a specific Program.

Add Convenience
Using the registration closing time feature, your staff will clearly know how many Pros are required on court.

Various Course Types
Create courses that standalone, recur on a specified interval, or are sold as a Series/Package. There’s even an offering to accommodate your Summer and Holiday Camps logistics.

How to use the Programming module

Welcome to the Programming Module

The programming module in your ITA Team Workspace is where you can create programming courses, holiday camps and private lessons for your facility or tennis coaching business.

You can use the programming module free of charge, if you wish to collect payments online you will need to set up the STRIPE account and there are small transactions fees associated with this. If you choose offline payments please be aware it will require the administrator to manually update the records to show if they have paid or not.

Activating your programming module

Before you can begin to work with the Programming Module, it will have to be activated from from your ITA Team Workspace admin area. Click on the Apply button.

After you request activation, you will be sent an email confirming that the module is ready for your use.

Programming Overview (Video)

This video gives information on what can be done within the Programming module.


Programming Module Instructions

Programming Module instructions are currently available on the USTA website. 

Go to USTA Online Help Center: Programming


Coming soon...

We plan to add FAQ content very soon.